Welcome to the Bergstrasse

Bergstrasse spring

"This is where Germany starts to become Italy!" Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II is said to have exclaimed this when pausing at the Bergstrasse in the spring of 1764. Owing to the fact that the Odenwald protects the Bergstrasse region from the cold easterlies, the climate here is extremely mild and the temperatures surpass the national average temperatures. Visible indications are the multitude of flowering trees and plants, such as almonds, peaches and apricots, which are usually indigenous in Southern Europe - and certainly the wine, which ripens to its famous quality due to approximately 1,600 sun hours. While snow as well as wet and cold weather still dominate other German regions, spring sometimes turns the Bergstrasse region, already in mid-March, into a colourful bouquet: White and yellow blossoms of forsythias and almond trees are followed by the well-known apricot, peach, cherry and apple blossom. Continuation of the blossoming season can be experienced by looking at the wonderful colours of flowering cherries and magnolias. Mostly, in time for Mother’s Day, lilac flowers in many different colours.