Castle Trail

Visit more than 30 castles, châteaus, and ruins by foot

You are invited to experience the Bergstrasse region, in harmony with nature, by foot on the Burgensteig – Bergstrasse Castles Trail. Hiking through blossoming landscapes, vineyards and woodlands, passing by almost all of the castles and ruins located alongside the Bergstrasse, the Bergstrasse Castles Trail offers many unique nature experiences and impressions.

On this footpath along the Bergstrasse you will find yourself afar from any hustle and bustle. Here is where, under favour of the mild climate, the almonds and peach trees blossom very early. Picturesque little towns, where medieval half-timbered houses still can be found, enchant their visitors.

It is, of course, possible to do your tour on Bergstrasse Castles and Blossom Trail in stages. Special overnight packages, including luggage transfer invite you to explore the castles and chateaus by covering shorter or longer distances.