Much about the city is unique: The lively pedestrian zone with its lovingly restored half-timbered houses and former noble courts or the city museum. The Region's oldest half-timbered house can be found there: the Walderdorfer Hof, which is a wine tavern today. The former noble court was constructed around 1470.

In the district and air health resort Auerbach, the majestic walls of Auerbach Castle, which was built around 1230 by the Counts of Katzenelnbogen, can still be found and also the Staatspark Fürstenlager - State Park Fuerstenlager, former summer residence of the Hessian Landgraves and later Grand Dukes of Hesse and Rhine. All buildings, which were indispensable for a princely summer residence, such as the manor or guard house and depots have not been altered or reconstructed for more than 200 years. Trees of all continents can be found at the wonderful landscape park. On the so-called "Herrenwiese" Germany's oldest redwood may be admired.