Leisure time facilities

ESOC - European Space Center, Darmstadt

Monday, wednesday and friday it is possible to visit the security building of the ESOC. Reservation is necessary: Tel.: 0049 (0) 6151-9515011

Brewery sightseeing

Groups can visit the eco-brewery at the adventure-restaurant "Burggraf-Bräu" in Bensheim/Auerbach. Approximately 15-20 minutes for one tour. If you have dinner at the restauraunt, the tour will be for free. Please contact the brewery: 0049 (0) 6251-72525

At the "Woinemer Hausbrauerei" in Weinheim it is possible to have a look into the world of a small brewery. Reservation: Tel.: 0049 (0) 6201-12001


In the Geopark Bergstrasse-Odenwald there are more than 350 marked hiking paths with reachable destinations such as the Strahlenburg in Schriesheim, the Burgruin Windeck and the Wachenburg in Weinheim, the Starkenburg in Heppenheim, the Auerbacher castle as well as the Fürtsenlager in Auerbach, the Kirchberghäusschen in Bensheim, the Melibokus (highest mountain at the Bergstrasse) in Zwingenberg, the Alsbacher castle and the Burg Heiligenberg in Seeheim Jugenheim.


Hiking-maps of the UNESCO geopark are available at all tourist offices.
You can book guided hikings at:
-Tourist Office Zwingenberg Tel.: 06251-700322
-Tourist Office Bensheim 06251-5826314
-Tourist Office Heppenheim 06252-131171
-Tourism-Marketing Bergstrasse, Weinheim 06201-874450
-Ute´s Bookshop, Schriesheim 06203 62137

Hiking without luggage:

If you like to hike several days without your luggage, we can arrange a luggage-transport.

Please contact the tourist office in Heppenheim: 06252-131170


You will find a bulky graticule of cycle paths for every level. For further information please contact our tourist offices.

At the tourist office in Bensheim you will get the cycle-tour guide "Per Velo and per Pedes around Bensheim". The tourist office Heppenheim offers guided hiking-and bike-hiking tours every saturday. You can also get there the prospectus "Heppenheim per Rad".



At Schloss Auerbach there are public knights´-dinners every saturday. Private dinners for groups can be booked any time. The dinner will last 3 hours and costs 59,--euro per person incl. beer,wine and softdrinks. For more information please contact the restaurant "Auerbacher Schloss" Te.: 0049 (0) 6251-72923 or the tourist office Bensheim 0049 (0) 6251 5826314.

There a also knights´-dinners at the Burgruine Windeck in Weinheim ( 65,--euros incl. beverages) Contact: 06201-12481. The Wachenburg does also offer knights´-dinners but only with reservation 06201 12173


Fishing sports club Bickenbach Tel.: 06257-63267
Rhein-Neckar leasingsociety Ladenburg Tel.: 06203-8399739


Tennis-and squash center Zwingenberg Tel.: 06251-789786
Sportpark Bensheim Tel.: 06251-67767
Badminton-Oase Hemsbach Tel.: 06201-43480


It is possible to play boule at the sportsground in Seeheim-Jugenheim.  Another public boule-square is in the Weiherhausstadion in Bensheim and in the leisure time facilities "Am Birkengarten" in Lorsch.


Icesporthall TSG 1846 Darmstadt, in the Bügerpark Nord Tel.: 06151-77790


-Fitnessstudio Energy, Seeheim-Jugenheim Tel.: 06257-83300
-Fit and Sun Solid GmbH, Zwingenberg Tel.: 06251-789786
-Wagner´s Squash and Fitness World, Bensheim Tel.: 06251-63742
-Topfit GmbH, Bensheim Tel.: 06251-4554
-Miss Dynamixx Bensheim Tel.: 06251-64051
-Fitnesspark Vitalis, Heppenheim+Bensheim  Tel.: 06251-66161
-Sportpark Bensheim+Heppenheim Tel.: 06251-67767
-Women´s World, Heppenheim Tel.: 06252-788291
-Fitness-Factory, Hemsbach Tel.: 06201-46615
-Fitness-Center Grün, Hemsbach Tel.: 06201-43550
-Sportec Weinheim Tel.: 06201-258060
-TSG Center Weinheim Tel.: 06201-999555
-Woman´s World Fitness, Weinheim Tel.: 06201-186664
-AC Weinheim Tel.: 06201-65985
-Body Art, Hirschberg Tel.: 06201-57717 

Indoor Go-kart-track Superkart

Hemsbach Tel.: 06201-493073